Entrepreneurs, not financiers.

Tomorrow's leaders, not today's followers; innovators, not imitators ‒ that's what we're about. Building companies takes time and resources. Having experienced investors who, instead of watching from the sidelines, built companies themselves can make all the difference. We are active investors and take our involvement with every company seriously, beyond the token board meeting advice. How well do we know what we're doing? Ask our entrepreneurs.

Right markets, right products.

Platitudes ‒ all VC's claim to want this, but most devolve into following the latest fads, chasing others' ideas, often too late. We don't follow, we'd rather lead. We prefer being the first institutional investor in companies targeting markets that will see tomorrow's growth, markets where our team's experience is as valuable as our cash. We invest in technology companies that address real problems with innovative processes and technologies because we think that's what puts "venture" into venture capital.

We help you win.

Entrepreneurs, playing the game is hard, winning is even harder. We are a $120M fund closely associated with ru-Net, a $700M international investor that built and continues to build some of the biggest global internet and e-commerce companies. With a deep network, expertise, and access to capital, we make a commitment to help you thrive. So, whether you need an investment to build your product or want to expand a working business, we have the financial and professional resources you need.